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Our company has vast experience in the market, since the main industry in our work is not only the manufacture and sale of safes, but also the complete supply of bank premises, exchangers, pawnshops and other non-banking institutions: from the installation of certified safes, doors, enclosing structures for workplaces cashiers – and the construction of bank vaults.
The more material values ​​a person has, the more his head hurts from thoughts about their safety. Buying a safe is perhaps the only way to get rid of a headache and ensure a quiet sleep while keeping valuables at home. Although it’s also not worth it to amuse yourself with illusions: any safe is opened.

You can only talk about the “access time”, or rather, about how long the safe will last. If a professional takes up the matter, then a simple lock opens in 5-10 minutes. In general, if a security system is installed in the house and the police are nearby, then this time may be enough for law enforcement officers to arrive and seize the attacker.

When sophisticated security systems are used, an autopsy can take several hours. In extreme cases, the safe can simply be cut with a grinder, although this is not very convenient – firstly, the process can drag on for a long time, and secondly, it is noisy. As you know, thieves love silence – the extra noise attracts the attention of neighbors, especially if they know that the owner is on a business trip or at work. In any case, the time taken to open or crack a safe is directly proportional to its value.

In our online store, you can find a security solution for your needs. Our store was created so that you can close the issue of the security of your values ​​in one place and as soon as possible. If you do not have time at all, our specialists can do this!